“The greater the effort, the greater the glory” – Pierre Corneille

Life is a routine that depends on how much fun you take out of it. The harder, the more fun. But difficulty is very relative, and what is easy for me may be very difficult for you. That’s why the most important thing and the utmost goal have to be the same: sleep tight and always do so with a Smile. A smile of satisfaction and peace with oneself for a job well done.

Myself, I needed 70km of daily cycling for this above to successfully happen. Jorge, my colleague and partner for such challenge, cycling 30 km/day and nutritive cravings, were enough. Both of us had set ourselves the same challenge: The Mongolia Bike Challenge – 680 km, 6 stages, and more than 9,000m of accumulated elevation very far from home, In Mongolia.

We wanted to break free from the work-vacation cycle and prove to ourselves that we could do more. The challenge started every day at 7 am. Welcome to the grind! We had ahead of us 3 months of joyful suffering to be able to bite the finisher’s medal of one of the toughest bike races in the world. A race that doesn’t forgive, and if there’s no training base, you won’t make it!

What occupied most of our days was work and family, always top priorities. From there, finding time to train was the most fun. The opportunity cost became the basis for decision-making. What should I give up today to get a workout? A night out? A beer with friends?

After many rejections to countless things, training, and smiles of satisfaction before going to sleep, we got on a plane heading to the challenge of our lives.

And we bit the medal, sure we did!

Success is not achieving something; success is looking back and seeing how you got there.

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